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A campaign by Quin SQ Thong
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ANA by Karma empowers poor illiterate Bhutanese women weavers to become financially independent by utilising their creativity and talent in making handwoven goods. After three years in operations weaving scarves, we are ready to embark on our second product innovation -> using heritage waist belt making weaving techniques to make strong durable luggage belts & fashionable camera straps. As each is individually handmade, 100% customisation using technology (app) enables customers to co-design, co-create the item with the weavers to make unique items for gifting or keepsake.

Sales from the products go directly to the women, and profits are channeled to Bhutanese weaving community development projects. Also, an Ana Trust Fund is set up in 2016 for these women's medical needs and for their children's further education.